Serve People First

Genuine Leaders Create a Circle of Safety

July 9, 2014 by Mark Kilens

Genuine leaders genuinely lead people. Their leadership is driven by having a purpose, defining a set of principles and serving people first. A genuine leader will do whatever it takes to guide people to the destination, the purpose.

A genuine leader is manically focused and obsessed with how their team executes. After all, the team is hopefully trying to achieve a purpose greater than all of them.

How does a team stay focused, motivated and bleed passion? Its genuine leader creates a Circle of Safety.

"Intimidation, humiliation, isolation, feeling dumb, feeling useless and rejection are all stresses we try to avoid inside the organization. But the danger inside is controllable and it should be the goal of leadership to set a culture free of danger from each other. And the way to do that is by giving people a sense of belonging. By offering them a strong culture based on a clear set of values and beliefs. By giving them the power to make decisions. By offering trust and empathy. By creating a Circle of Safety."

Simon Sinek - "Leaders Eat Last

A team’s values and beliefs are born from its purpose and principles. They create a strong sense of belonging and a culture of trust and respect.